Oceans cover almost three quarters (71%) of the surface of the Earth and nearly half of the world's marine waters are over 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) deep.


This global, interconnected body of salt water, called the World Ocean, is generally divided by the continents and archipelagos into the following bodies, from the largest to the smallest: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and the Artic Ocean. Smaller regions of the oceans are called seas, gulfs, straits and other names.


The deep ocean holds many mysteries that researchers have only just begun to recognize. New technologies and tools have allowed scientists to explore areas of the deep ocean never before accessed, and they have found hundreds of new species and even new ecosystems. Yet, much of the world’s oceans remain unexplored.


That's where GHOS steps in. We explore the depth of Ocean in the quest to discover new scientific facts for future usage.


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Our Logo depicts a fast moving swimming manta ray representing our active role in moving forward to cater to environmental issue. We offer fully-customizable survey methodology to our customer. 



Our mission is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet.



"Protect the ocean and you protect yourself"

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